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Get Your Skin Ready For Summer with Laser Hair Removal

Once upon a time, shaving and waxing were the only forms of hair removal. Nearly all women used these methods to get rid of unwanted hair on the body.  Typical hair removal treatments like these examples, can be painful and time consuming.

Laser hair removal is one of many advancements in the beauty industry.  It is a quick method, which not only gets rid of hair, but can also tackle common problems such as ingrowing hairs. If you are looking for pain free hair removal that gives more effective and longer lasting results, having laser treatment could be the perfect solution for you.

Tackle Those Unwanted Problems

The painful removal of hair, through waxing in particular, can often result in redness. Shaving can cause ingrown hairs, and usually doesn’t last very long because it simply cuts the hair, rather than removing it from the root.  Laser hair removal can defeat all of these problems.  Not only is it a pain-free method, but it also works to try and reduce hair permanently on parts of the body, such as on the face, underarms and arms, abdomen, legs and bikini line.

Shaving Moments You May Be Familiar With

Laser hair removal works on hair follicles to remove them from the root. Once you have had your first treatment, you may notice that the hair will not grow back as quickly as usual. So for the next few weeks, you won’t have to worry about the chore of shaving or waxing. 

You may be familiar with times when you have been in a rush, and suddenly realise you need to shave your legs.  There is nothing worse than having to strain your back to bend over the bath, and shave your legs quickly. This is likely to cause some cuts if not done with care, but it is also possible that you may miss some bits out.  Laser hair removal won’t leave you with this problem at all.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The laser emits a high intensity beam of light, which delivers therapeutic energy at the area. This then penetrates through the skin, where it is absorbed by the hair follicles underneath the surface of the skin.  This results in the follicle being destroyed, leaving you with hair-free skin.  In order to effectively work towards reducing hair completely, laser hair treatment sessions should be attended every 6 weeks, to keep on top of it.

Taking Care of Your Skin after Treatment
After removing hair, skin can become a little sensitive, so it’s important to take necessary precautions to look after it once treatment has finished. 

You should not:

  • Expose your skin to strong UV rays for at least 2 weeks after having laser hair removal
  • Shave between 48-72 hours after removal
  • Have too many hot showers and baths
  • Use SPF with a factor of less than 30
  • Use other methods of hair removal like waxing or epilating between treatments
It’s time to get your skin prepped and ready for summer – and laser hair removal treatment could be one way to get you started.

Vitality Medical Spa offer laser hair removal in Birmingham, and have worked with a number of clients to reduce unwanted hair.  For more information, you can give them a call on 0844 693 0425.

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